Update on the server move for the site.

So this is a semi brief update to let you know the progress on moving to the new server.

I spent the weekend looking over potential hosts and settled on Kimsufi. They offer low cost dedicated servers on the OVH network which is the network our current host are on. During the massive DDOS attacks they stepped in and helped mitigate a lot of the traffic before it hit our box. Unfortunately (for me :P) Mopman has been busy preparing for his fiancee flying in today so it was left to me to set up the box with him fielding questions when he had time. I got there in the end though (20 hours or so) and the new server is running everything that we need. It wasn't just a case of moving over the website and database, I had to set up the entire server from scratch which is not something I have done for awhile (10+ years? at least on a production server). Definitely learnt a lot and will have plenty more to learn in the future running it.

You may have noticed some downtime today on the live site while I was doing the final database backup before we switch to the new server. That was the final step to bring the new server up to date with the live site. At this point we could immediately switch to the new server but I will be holding off for a few days. This time will allow me to do some improvements to the backend that are more difficult to do when the site is live will also allow for more testing to be done to make sure the final switch over goes smoothly.

I will post an update before we do plan to flip the switch just incase there are initial teething issues. I hope you will all bear with us through these changes but I think it will be for the best. I have a list of new things I plan to add (how about comments for blogs for one? Voting on clips is coming soon™ too) once we get through the server change.

Hope you are all enjoying the site and the RP.

Sean - ScottishRambler.

Last updated at 2019-08-13 21:48:35